Antelope News – Classified Ads Classified Rates:

order cytotec no prescription Antelope News classified ad rate for one month: $20 for first 15 words*. 50¢ per word over 15. $45 for 3 months.

Classified Ads should be emailed by the 12th of the month prior to the Ad being published (May 12th for June papers, for example). Please email to:

Your email should have the following information:

  1. Which paper to place the Classified Ad in
  2. How many months to run the Ad
  3. Which category (Service, For Sale, Wanted, Announcement)
  4. Classified ad text


After we receive your email, we’ll email an invoice that you’ll be able to pay upon receipt, or mail a check.

how to by cytotec online *HINT on Word Counts: A “word” is anything separated by spaces, or as reported by word-process software like Microsoft Word.

Classified Ad are text-only ads (no images or special formatting) placed on the Classified Ad, under the category of your choice.